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Clothes bank plan.

Just a wee dyslexic update about what is going on with our plans 

As we have made clear on our websites front page "values & mission" statement, it is our intention to make sure every person in Scotland has access to basic clothing. By this we mean people who are struggling financially and are visiting clothes banks (the same way people would visit a food bank)

Our first idea was to donate every piece of clothing left unsold after our twice annual clearance sales. We did this for a couple of years and then had a conversation with the managers of our local clothes bank. She told us that a massive percentage of donated clothing came from deceased people's families donating all their old clothes. And that those things, and the things that we donate, don't always fit the bill in terms of sizes and the actual garments needed, and they have a lot of some things they hardly use and are desperate for certain things. She gave us a list of exactly what they need. Jeans, T-shirts, hoodies & jackets. And sizes, Small and Medium.

The next idea was to run a raffle which we did at Christmas which went very well and we managed to bulk buy exactly what was needed for the bank. Obviously a raffle isn't a sustainable thing that we can do all year round and the scale is never going to be big enough to make the difference we aim to make.

Our current plan, which we believe is something we can make work if done correctly, is a one for one style system. Where for every item we sell, we donate one. We are starting with our RIP-BRU T-shirt which is going well and we plan to run this out over all our T-shirts starting very soon. Hoodies and Jackets are going to be tough as it's hard to find a cheap option that is also good quality. If we rolled this out immediately we would put ourselves out of business very quickly£££.

Eventually we'd like everything we sell to be a one for one style, from clothing to art. But we will take our time so as to keep the doors open.

Cheers for trusting us and all of the support. Its really nice to have a plan that seems to be working and it will be a nice day when we achieve our goal :-)

Fuck the Tories.


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